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The main goal of the Search Engine Optimization services in kerala is to bring great achievements in the business industries. For having those achievements, certain methods are used. There is a need of making web pages that indicate the search evaluation. The most searched pages may be indicated by the Search Engine Optimization. The Search Engine Optimization is the system that people commonly used to bring the oblivion to visible. The steps to achieve better ranking among the websites;

  • The White hat SEO is in the part of ethics in the cases of services provided by the SEO through this the honest and hard works will be visible to the clients. So the white hat represents to deliver the true information.
  • The grey hat SEO is on the ethical side but it has the quality between the white hat SEO and the black hat SEO. This method is also used to indicate the site ranks. This service mostly points out the similar pages and the activities according to the searched items.
  • The black hat SEO is exactly in the part of the unethical, which is not the legal way to attract the clients, most people get cheated through the uses of the black hat SEO. Cheap tricks and the quick results are mostly given to the clients. So treating the website with the help of black hat SEO is just like the crime which is not supported by the authority.

SEO reporting represents the evaluation of the SEOs, to evaluate whether the services given by the SEOs are effective and useful to the clients. If the SEOs are useful to the clients that results will be visible in the achievements that the business entrepreneurs have, so the SEO reporting is useful and produces the benefits to the clients only.



  • Our SEO Reports are fully detailed and custom-made
  • It renders deep insight of the implemented SEO process and progress.
  • All Reports are compiled in an easy to understand manner.
  • Reports can be obtained on weekly as well as monthly basis as per the client’s request.
  • No Extra Charges are taken for delivering SEO reports

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