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Online businesses have been in the limelight for quite a time now and the way they achieve success and drive value to the company is not a secret any more. Of what we consider to be the new normal, building a strong online presence for your business and dominating the search engine would be inevitable. As one of the prominent SEO companies that offer exceptional SEO services in Chennai with impeccable quality and unbeatable prices, YSEO strives to impact your online visibility as if by a storm by implementing the best strategies.

Having gained an edge in the art of SEO with years of experience and practice, YSEO is your ultimate service provider that would help your business to grow and stand tall amongst your competitors. By delving into the intricacies of search engine optimization, we have fortified ourselves with the changing google trends and consumer behaviour, thus wiping away your worries of having an SEO-friendly site. With our prolific and dynamic team of creative minds, the innovative strategies we employ would effectuate a positive impact on your business.

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What we do as an Expert SEO company Chennai

At YSEO, we are committed to offering a wide range of SEO and web-related services that would assist in scaling up your website ranking, attract a bountiful of visitors and enable you to increase your sales. We foster a team of reputed SEO experts, who exhibit their enviable track record and are unmatched in their proficiency. Whether you are in the nascent stage of taking your tiny steps into the world of online business or you are in pursuit of ways to improve the performance of your current venture, YSEO would help you to gain an advantage through a gentle push of SEO. Since we understand the inherent challenges of online business, we would ensure to offer bespoke solutions at exceptional value for money with an unrivalled performance.

As a leading SEO company in Chennai, we provide impeccable solutions for your Local SEO needs by focusing on increasing the visibility of your website at a particular locality.

We are also efficient in optimizing your individual web pages as well as aid you in improving the rankings through link-building. With advanced knowledge and skills in On-page and Off-page optimization, we have showcased our talent in keyword research and strategy.

Moreover, YSEO is capable of handling Social Media Marketing, which stays as the most powerful platform to grab the attention of potential customers. By creating a distinctive social media presence for your business through branding, Facebook marketing, twitter marketing and promotions, we aim to escalate your business.

We extend our services to Online Reputation Management, where we endeavour to improve your online reputation by providing with accurate and reasoned information. We would also assist you to efficiently tackle the unhealthy press.

SEO Strategies

In our efforts to implement the best and innovative SEO strategies, we traverse the lengths to accommodate diverse perspectives regarding the client’s company and services. Due to this approach, our SEO company is highly sought-after and the clients trust in our work for they know that SEO process does not reach an end even after their website is ranked among the top of search results.

Like any other SEO company, we utilize on-page SEO, off-page SEO and other technical SEO techniques to improve your website rankings but what sets us apart from others is our way of conceptualizing the keywords that best suits your webpage. Picking out the apt keywords and incorporating them in an impactful, yet meaningful content that is relevant to your target audience is our area of expertise.

YSEO integrates Google tools to enhance the speed of your website and with a greater purpose of driving traffic to it, we take on the strategy of link building and lead generation. The entire SEO building is a challenging process and it exceeds the expectations of the business owner. So, avail our SEO services and create a unique strategy that is customized to meet your demands.


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I have found them and I started winning. If you come across this company  soon you will become one of the leading firms. They know everything about the business and what they should do.

Deepak / CEO


The team is a pleasure to work with. They have brought a huge difference to our business with their knowledge in SEO and marketing strategy.  They are fast to respond and are highly professional.

Punnamada / CEO


The YSEO team has provided us with well-planned, fast and comprehensive SEO services and their strategies have worked well with us.  The team is a pleasure to work with.

DcBooks / CEO


Through our SEO services, we aim to make an impact on the bottom-line of your business by concocting tactics and driving traffic to your website. As each business has a different target audience, our approach would be unique that would get you guaranteed results.

At the forefront

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There is nothing that would deter us from the set path of acquiring first-page rankings for your website on all the major search engines. As the best SEO agency, we utilize the appropriate techniques to deliver the desired result.


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Adorn the most coveted position in the world web at reasonable and competitive prices. Since we are the SEO experts, it would be within a nick of time that we would be able to derive a perfect SEO strategy and divulge it to arrive at a favourable outcome. This makes the SEO services at YSEO cost-effective and time-efficient.


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Even though we adhere to stringent deadlines and cost-effective methods, we never fail to address the quality of our SEO services. Apart from forming an apt strategy, we enable 100% white hat ethics to protect and secure your webpages. This has bolstered us to emerge as the leading SEO agency in Chennai.

Easy access

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You can always count us in at any stage of SEO implementation. We would be at your service as you track the progress of SEO work for your business. By creating the campaign and delivering the reports, you could gain access to our transparent nature of working, thus, keeping apart the time to clear your queries.



How much time will it take to understand a business?

For SEO to be successful, it is necessary that we must understand the core principles and objectives of your business. Therefore, we take the considerable time of around two hours to discuss and analyse your priorities as well as comprehend which all departments and services would drive value to your company. This would enable us to form an SEO strategy that perfectly aligns with your business interests.

Is search engine optimization necessary for a business to grow?

Be it any product or service, it is the first thing that appears in the top of the first page of results that catches the attention of the customers. People tend to overlook the results that are in the subsequent pages. With the right keywords and search engine optimization, your website would rank in the top and hence, you stand a better chance to gather traffic and increase sales.

Why is it essential to avail the services of an SEO company in Chennai?

SEO is a long-term process that requires the expertise of a proficient team who are well-versed in handling the technical areas. There are many unseen SEO tactics, which are only known to industry experts and hence, it is wise to avail the services of an SEO company to avoid the mistakes and save your money while doing on-page and off-page optimization, content writing etc.

How long will it take to work on the search engine optimization?

As websites of different companies vary, the time taken on each would be different. If your business is centred around popular products and services, it would take only less time to show the results on the front page. But if there is a raging competition, it would take more time but the effect would be endearing.

Would I be entitled to get reports?

Since we are transparent in imparting our SEO services in Chennai, you can easily and effortlessly keep track of the progress. By constantly monitoring your website, we would see if the employed tactics are working and a full report on it would be delivered to you, whether weekly, monthly or yearly, based on your convenience.

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