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TRUE or FALSE or BOTH: The ‘nofollow’ attribute is good for SEO.


When are drop-down menus bad for SEO?
If they cause unnecessary pagerank ‘leaks’.

How many times should you repeat a key phrase on a page?
Come off it, Ian, there’s no right answer to that.
3% of the total words on the page.
5% of the total words on the page.

What’s the most important on-page SEO element?
The DESCRIPTION meta tag
The TITLE tag
If they cause unnecessary pagerank ‘leaks’.

What’s the best choice for a server response code if a page no longer exists on your web site?
Not here

What’s the correct way to redirect visiting browsers and bots from a page that is permanently gone to a replacement page?
Under Google’s Panda update:

The overall quality of an entire web site no longer matters.
A site with 10 great pages and 1,000 lousy ones is in trouble.
We should all have pictures of bamboo on our web sites.

TRUE OR FALSE: Site performance can impact search rankings on Google and Bing.

Pick the most important SEO performance indicator, if your client is an e-commerce site:
Sales from organic search.
Visits from organic search.

Where would go you in WordPress to set permalink settings?
Settings / Permalinks
Settings / Writing
Settings / Reading
Settings / Titles

7. In order to change where a domain name is hosted. What setting do you need to change?
Domain Username & Password
DNS Settings
Goaddy Settings

8. If you want to install wordpress on a domain…what is the easiest way for doing so?
FTP Install
Cpanel / Plesk Single Click Installation

What are the first 3 things you check when doing an SEO audit?
List five things that impact a site’s authority.
You got something totally wrong. What do you do?
Hide it at all costs.
Find the solution, then tell your manager what happened and how you’re fixing it.
Call the client right away and tell them you screwed up.
Blog about it.

A client’s confused as heck. You’ve tried explaining something to them 3 times via e-mail. What do you do?

Call them on the phone.
Keep e-mailing.
Stop e-mailing and have someone else at Portent give it a try.

What’s a fast way to add links to a web site’s link profile that won’t violate the Google and Bing Terms of Service?
Buy links.
Start a content campaign.
Fix broken incoming links.
Define canonicalization.
Describe blended search.
A client is panicked. They’ve just fallen out of the rankings for the phrase “foo bar”. That was their top traffic generator. They want to shut down all onsite content and technical SEO and focus 100% on links. What do you tell them?

Tell me what you think PageRank is.
What’s a “headless browser”?
What’s a reverse index?
To you, the One Ring is:
Sauron’s jewelry.
A horror film.
A movie starring Orlando Bloom.

From a purely ranking perspective, once a domain name (i.e., Web site) is established and ranked within the search engines, it is NOT advisable to change the domain name.


What is the function of a search engine spider?

Visits your Web site to index the text and links it finds on all of your site’s Web pages. a) Crawls the Web looking specifically to detect SPAM activity. b) In cases of duplicate content, determines which Web page is the originator of the content. c) Sends notices to services like ‘Google Alert’ warning people of spyware and malicious Web site content. d) Search engine spiders perform all of the above functions. e) choices a), b), and c) are all correct. f)

Dynamic URLs are automatically generated Web page addresses that are manufactured on-the-fly by pulling variables out of a database to match the product specifications a customer is looking for.

Truea) Falseb)

Correct Answer: True

Which of the following is NOT considered a basic step in building a high-ranking Web site:

Targeted keyword list a) Search-friendly Web site architectureb) Marketing graphics c) Getting links d) All of the above…build it and they will come! e) None of the above f)
Correct Answer: Marketing graphics

The primary purpose of your robots.txt file is to:

Tell search engine spiders which pages NOT to index. a) Encourage search engines to crawl and index your site. b) Protect sensitive areas of your site from being indexed by search engines. c) Both a) and c) d) None of the above. e)
Correct Answer: Tell search engine spiders which pages NOT to index.

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