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SEO tips and tricks for 2014 – Latest Seo Tricks

 SEO tips and tricks for 2014

seo tips 2014

seo tips 2014

In 2014 Seo is  going to be more complex, so biginers are not much as easy , so they must need to follow some Best SEO Tips and Tricks

Excellent SEO Tips to improve On-Page optimization

Interesting content to Read
Quality Content
Short and meaning Title
Relative Meta Description
Keyword Density Ratio
SEO Friendly Url
Keywords in First Paragraph
Use of Headings(H1, H2, H3, H4)
Focusing Keywords
Image Optimization with alt tags

Interesting and Descriptive article – write your content interest to read and descriptive content otherwise No one is going to read and its affect the Bounce rate

Quality of the Content – Don’t copy Paste whole content from the other website Avoid Keyword stuffing and other Black-hat SEO tricks.

Short and meaning Title – title tag not exeeded in 70 characters and the keyword must included in the titles

Relative Meta Description – Writ a short and sweet 156 Characters and donot stuff all keyword in to the descriptions

Optimal Keyword Density Ratio – Maintain your Keyword Density in the Safe manner to not getting Google Algorithm Penalties.

SEO Friendly URL – Url of the content must be meaning full to the content.

Use of Headings – Use prober headings tags h1, h2, etc…
Image Optimization – images must includes alt tags and add name of the correcsponging images as keywords that will help you to improve the rankings

Tips to improve Off-Page SEO

Use of Social Media
Quality Link Building


Quality Link Building – Don’t build your Link too much faster. Quantity of Back links that’s not matter Quality will Matter.

Useful SEO Tricks for 2014

Find LSI Keywords
Use LSI Keywords more
SEO Check Up


Necessaries of SEO Tips and Tricks in 2014

Always one thing we need to remember in SEO that is if we write Unique and Good Articles that is interest to read for a user not for search engines, remenber content is the king this is the one rule always survives you in SERP.

Hope this SEO Tips and Tricks will helps to boost your rank in Google in 2014.