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Increase Organic(search) Web Site Traffic , Tips, How to do, Easy Steps

Increase Organic Web Site Traffic

To increase site visitors and get traffic though different ways in ethical and non ethical


original, and quality content on your site.

This is the most effective means for increasing traffic to a website


Use Webmaster Tools


article writing


PPC advertisement



get more backlinks on your website this may help to increase the traffic.


Use social media

Keeping up to date with social media and finding time to post can be tricky, but it’s well worth it


Use Webmaster Tools

We can Use Webmaster Tools to get more traffic through google Here first we give the tips for how to use Google Webmaster Tools to increase traffic to your website

Add a Sitemap to help Google index relevant pages

Site map shows the structure of your website its like an index of a book , so we can create site maps and add to webmasters. to create site map many free online tools or sites  are available like xml-sitemaps.com , web-site-map.com/ etc.. if you are using  word press of course word press have plugin for it, note it the name “wordpress sitemap generator”

Review Existing Posts to Increase Traffic

Pick up traffic section in the webmaster tools this will help you to search queries Google shows you the keywords that are used to find your website and the position in the search results.  You can review this, improve it and generate better results



Analyse your keyword and increase the vilibility of that keywords likemake link on that pages through this keywords, you know content is the king so ad better content with that keywords etc..


Use Demote Site links

Every one knows if google like our pages then there  displays a few additional links within the search results, its an automatic process , we can controll this link by demoting


Find Html Errors

Google reports on some HTML errors that will effect the indexing of your site so it’s important to resolve these issues.




Find and remove bad links