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Title Tag Search Engine Optimization

Title Tag optimization for SEO


Accurately written title tags are the most important components for a website. As SEO (Search Engine Optimization) process is widely used by almost every site owners to promote their websites, it is imperative to have the perfect combination of the required components for SEO.

It is necessary to understand Meta Tags before going into Title Tags. Meta elements are nothing but HTML or XHTML elements exercised to give information regarding a web page for the search engines and website users. Such Meta tags are placed as tags in the head section of a HTML document and these elements are the Title Tags, Description and keywords. As described, the title Tags are part of the Meta tags that are shown at the top of the HTML inside the <head> area. More explicitly, title tags are similar to the title of a book and tell the search engine and the users about the content of the website.


How to write good titile tags


For beginners many software are available for optimizing the title tags , here are some examples

But form my experience an expert didn’t need any software base for define a title tag for a page only need observation of that keywords and the combination of that keywords how works

Top title tag optimization Tricks

  1. Brand your title tag

In your title tag must include your brand name

  1.  keywords in the beginning of title tags

include your keyword which you want to rank well in the beginning of the title tags , it will  help you in certain conditions

  1.  Use Synonyms

Use synonyms for your keywords that have lower competition rates. Search engines can easily identify associations and return them in search results

for example if i need property for rent keyword but i always use apartment for rent both are same values

  1.  Pipes

You can use | this symbol name as pipe to separate title tags for a good search results

  1. Use Numbers

In my experience , name your post using number will help for rank your pages This improves usability. For example, a title like 10 Tips for Title Tag Optimization

  1. Use no more than two keyword

why some website got negative ranked , you can check may be the reason is the title tags have keyword stuffs so must use relevant keyword and not repeat same keywords in your titles

Title tags Guidelines

Google says we show only 70 character of a title tags in search results , many of the word press or other cms platform provide plugin for helping the best title tag optimization, they warn me ht e title tag exceed 70 character like this

I see many website title tags changes in google search results , any one have idea ?

google says there are few reason why google choose another title than exact words in title tags

Google looks for three things:


  • Something relatively short.
  • A good description of the page and ideally the site that the page is on.
  • That it’s somehow relevant to the query.


hereis the video about title tags: Title tag optimization Video